Tuesday 7pm (55 mins)
Vandyke Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
5 sessions – £35
Casual sessions – £8

Pilates offers amazing benefits to your body, no matter your fitness background. This class focuses on increasing core strength to improve your posture, body alignment. Over time, you will notice improvements to your balance, flexibility, strength and abdominal endurance. For optimal results, exercises are controlled focusing on isolating muscles and the breathing. Either bring your own mat or one will be supplied.

Registration essential. Contact us to book.

Starting January 2019 for 10 weeks
Tuesday, 7pm and Thursday 7:30pm (55 mins)
Leighton Buzzard – various locations

20 sessions (2 sessions a week) – £120
10 sessions (1 session a week) – £70
Casual sessions – £8 per session

Boxing is full body, cardio workout that will transform you physically and mentally. Punching combinations will make you stronger, fitter, help you to release tension and destress. In this class you are guaranteed to swat as you punch hundreds of times at high intensity. Strength exercises are included to provide variation and to make the session more challenging for you and your punching partner. Over the 10 week programme, you will notice improvements to your fitness and body composition. If you’re looking for a new style of training that will deliver results, give boxing fitness a go.

Sessions are scheduled to start in January 2019. Register your interest here. 

This class involves strengthening the entire body using body weight, some free-weights as well as an element of cardio to get the heart rate up to keep it healthy and maintain a healthy metabolism. Designed for all levels, participants are encouraged to perform exercises at a high intensity in order to strengthen their muscles in a healthy way and improve their cardio fitness. Classes are challenging, but energetic and fun, with participants encouraged to work within their limits. Exercises are demonstrated at the beginning of each session, including modifications so you can work within your limits or challenge yourself.

Coming soon. Register your interest here. 

Circuit sessions involve body-weight exercises including pushing-up, squatting down and jumping as well as exercises using equipment such as the TRX, battle ropes, and medicine balls. Pushing, pulling, lifting throwing, jumping are just some of the everyday movements that will strengthen the entire body body, improve endurance, coordination and joint stability.
This is a challenging workout that caters to mixed levels. Exercises are demonstrated at the beginning of each session, with different levels of modifications so you can build up gradually.

Coming soon. Register your interest here.