About Us

Our mission is to offer a enjoyable and accessible active programmes to encourage all people to move no matter their level of fitness.

Group workouts provide a great way to make exercise part of your routine and participating regularly is a healthy way to experience life-changing results.

High energy classes are friendly and welcoming. You will be encouraged to work within your limits, while at the same time your body will be challenged in a positive way.

In addition to offering wellness programmes for adults, our mission is to provide accessible active programmes for young people. Workouts are designed to be motivational and provide generation z with the confidence to realise the sustainable benefits of exercise both mentally and physically.

Being active for generation z should not be limited to competition sports. Everybody Active Wellness programmes provide generation Z with an opportunity to move – and have a sense of personal accomplishment at the end of the session, while at the same time providing a sense of enjoyment participating in a group.

Contact Everybody Active for more information on how you can access wellness programmes in your local community or school.